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RareBreedRecords has inked a distribution deal with Symhonics Distribution which is, an international distribution company that distributes  to over 10,000 outlets including Itunes, Spotify, Tidal,YoutubeRed etc… First release is from ShowOut #TheGeneralVol2 with production from the likes of ParisBeuller of BandKamp , DeiselBeats and a host of Chicago’s best producers and industry tracks make it a solid opening. It’s followed up by the release of Hustla by DJG also produced by ParisBeuller this gritty street anthem is a certified banger you can stream and check out the video know

My love for HipHop

Chicago Underground Music


“It started way back then”


   The crowd went nuts last night as DJG killed the stage ,he put on a hell of a show .He had crazy energy and the crowd gave it right back, the music was loud the crowd was even louder . Those that knew the lyrics sang along those that didn’t wanted to learn how they could hear his music again I love it .I’ve always wanted to be in the music business ever since my first talent show in the 4th grade.

   Although it was years ago I still remember it like it was yesterday. I wanted to be in the talent show so bad; I practiced the RUN DMC song “Its Trick to Rock a Rhyme “every day. I first auditioned by myself and got the spot .But because of my anxieties of being up there alone, I enlisted a partner to be my…

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